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Answers to Where Am I? Nineveh      
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I am the home of the Major League Baseball Hall of Fame.
Cooperstown, NY
My  name is Liberty Bell and I
am a symbol of America
freedom.  I am located in the
city of Brotherly love.
(Philadelphia, PA.)
Answers to Brain Teaser: Gene Tenace
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True or False
Has there ever been anyone before 1988 to
play in major league baseball and the
Super Bowl?  This one is hard folks!  True.  Tom Brown played 61 games for the Washington Senators in 1963 & played for the Green Bay Packers in the first two Super Bowls.
Answers to previous Let's Get Real: MCA=most common answer
You had to return an item that you bought on sale.  When you returned the item, you didn`t have the receipt.  The clerk decided to give you back the full price of the item, even though you didn`t pay that much.  Let`s get real, it was the clerk`s decision to give the extra money, so it isn`t dishonest or stealing.  Right or wrong.  MCA: Even though the extra cash would be good, it is still stealing.  Return the extra cash.  It's not the clerks, but the store owner's money anyway.
A brand new CD release has come out and it is one you really wanted.  Your friend bought the CD and said they would burn a copy of it for you.  You don`t have the money to buy one for yourself, so you said ok.  Let`s get real, it`s not stealing, but a gift.  Right or wrong? MCA: I'd have to wait for the money because it is illegal.
I went to see the movie The Passion of the Christ with some of my unsaved friends.  They were moved by what Jesus went through, but they really didn`t understand much about what happened after Jesus rose from the dead.  Let`s get real, it isn`t that important because they saw the rest of what happened to Jesus.  If they are confused I should let someone else like a pastor tell them about the Resurrection. Right or wrong? MCA: If you are saved, it is important that you tell the real story about Jesus and don`t leave it up to someone else to fill in the blanks about Jesus` resurrection.
Your Sunday school is having a picnic and you volunteered to bring potato salad.  At the last minute you decide not to go.  Let's get real, “They`ll have plenty of food without my potato salad.” Right or wrong?  MCA: Wrong.  If you make a commitment to do something, you should follow through with it.  If you couldn`t go to the picnic, at least have someone drop off the food you said you would make.  They could have been counting on your meal.
Does the age thing really matter?  It`s like they`re the same age if the boy is older then the girl.   Let's get real, girls mature faster so older boys make sense right?  Or wrong? MCA: It depends on how immature the people are.  Tragedy tends to make people grow up quickly.
New Year's parties are a blast!  Most of my friends go to them even if they aren't drinking.  Let's get real, it's ok to start the New Year with friends even if I don't drink, right?  or wrong?  MCA: Wrong, it sends mixed signals to the unsaved.
At what age should teens start dating?  Let's get real, when it feels right..., right?  or wrong?  MCA: 16
Let's say you have kids, if you could pick your child`s future spouse, would you?  Let's get real, mom always knows best, right?  or  wrong? MCA: No, because I wouldn't want someome telling me who I could marry.  I'd probably have a say in it.
If you could choose your child`s features to create your perfect baby, would you? Let's get real, nature sometimes needs a little help, right?  or wrong?  MCA: No
Most kids like to wear a famous brand names.  What difference does it make whose name is on the clothing?  Let`s get real, you`re just paying for the name right?  Or wrong? MCA: Sure I'm paying for a name, but I want to fit in with the rest of the crowd, so I don't mind paying extra.  But if I like something that isn't a name brand,  I'll buy it anyway.  It really depends on the item.
Students are using cell phones and the web to cheat on tests.  Do you think there should be a penalty if caught?  Let's get real, people get what they deserve.  Right or Wrong?  Most answered: Suspended from school; receive a zero for the test.
Answers to Who Am I? Bartimaeus
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We put the crown of thorns on Jesus head before He died on the
cross. Who are we? The soldiers
I am also known as Belteshazzar.
Answers to What? He never died.  God took him to Heaven.  Because he never died, he will be one of the
witnesses during the Tribulation period here on Earth.
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What was the nickname Jesus gave to the Disciple brothers James and John?
Sons of Thunder
What did God give Daniel the ability to explain? (Dreams)
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