"Re-born to Testify"
Mrs. Cher Wandell (aka Miss Cher)
Cher is an author, teacher and evangelist  dedicated to the rebuilding of the family.  Her experience and innovative work with families and thousands of children has spanned over two decades, earning her recognition and achievement awards locally and from the State of New Jersey.
Up until 1996, Cher taught in the "world's" system where she instructed emotionally disturbed high school children.  After being assaulted by a seventeen year old young man in school, she suffered a traumatic brain injury, as well as other bodily injuries and was unable to return to the classroom setting.
When devastated by this, Cher asked the Lord what she was to do with her life.  The Lord said, "I have taken you out from the few and will give you the multitudes.  You will now teach the thousands and gather the children for me."  Needless to say, she was ok with that!
Believing God over man, Cher began to confess and profess her healing before the world.  As she continued in her faith believing God to heal her, a transformation took place and through Christ she became a conqueror.
Called to America, she travels around the country boldly testifying by speaking to families and youth about changing their lives for Jesus and helping them to Believe, Transform and Conquer (*BtC) for the Lord through the Faith Zone 2000+  National Youth Program, Faith Works Kidz and community rallies.  
Her motto: Identify the problem and give it no place!"
Cher is co-founder of Shield of Faith Family & Youth Ministries (aka SOFFY).  The Wandell family travels with the internationally known SOFFY Pets as they spread the gospel of Christ.
The Wandell's have been married 36 years and have dozens of pets and thousands of "kids" continuing to fulfill Isaiah 54 in their lives!
For more information about speaking availability or the ministry contact:www.soffy.org
"And all thy children shall be taught of the LORD;
and great shall be the peace of thy children."
Isaiah 54:13
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