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Scripture Reading: Mark 14:53-60; Luke 23:13-25
Who Stirred the Pot?
It`s funny how people change so quickly.  Jesus was called the Messiah, Great Teacher and King.  People hung on His every word as Truth.  
But a few people stirred the pot enough to cause doubt among the people of His true identify.  The same people who hung on His every word, later hung Jesus on the cross.  The real truth is Jesus willingly gave His life for us, so we could be free from sin.  It was our sin that sent Jesus
to the cross.
People changed, but God didn`t.  Jesus would die on the cross so we could be forgiven of our sins.  Have you hung your sins on the cross of Jesus?  His cross we couldn`t bear, but your burdens are not too heavy for Jesus.  Come to the cross today.  Let Jesus have your life; He`s waiting to forgive you right now.
Scripture Reading: Mark 16:1-6; Acts 4:10-12
I Believe in Rolling Stones
Jesus had died on the cross and was buried.  Hope was lost for those who didn`t believe Jesus would rise from the dead.  Their belief died when He did.
Then one day men and women who witnessed Jesus` death, saw Him walking among them.  How could that be?  
The large stone that was placed in front of the tomb of Jesus couldn`t hold onto death.  It was rolled away and new life began.   Jesus rose from the dead!
Yes, I believe in rolling stones.  Jesus came forth from the grave and is alive!  He conquered death and became the new stone, the cornerstone of life.  Hope is renewed.  Jesus died so you and I could live.  Thank you Lord for giving me life.
Scripture Reading: *Luke 21:28
The Deliverer Has Come
There are times in life when we feel that things just don`t seem to be working out.  God says we are not to look at the world, but look to Him for answers.  What seems impossible to you, is possible to God.
“…And He said, the things which are impossible with men
are possible  with God.” (Luke 18:27)
When it looks like there is no way out of the mess you are in, look up.  Our battle is spiritual and it must be fought spiritually in prayer.  Keep looking up to God.  Jesus the Deliverer has come.  Keep looking to Him for help and strength.
*“ And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh.”
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Scripture Reading: Luke 6:38; *Joshua 1:8
Where Success Lies
The world measures success by the amount of “stuff” or material possessions they obtain.  However, God measures success by obedience to His Word, giving, doing the Word, testifying of His grace and mercy in your life and walking in love.  His measure of success is eternal.
Our success doesn`t depend on others. We can`t look to how others measure success, but we must look to what God calls success.  Your success lies within you.  How successful you become for God depends on your willingness to spend time with Him and do His Will according to His Word.  If you want real success, begin to seek God and do His Word.
*“This book of the law shall not depart  out of your mouth, but you shall
meditate therein day and night, that you may observe to do according to
all that is written in it: for then you shall make  your way prosperous,
and then you shall have good success.” (NKJV)
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