Hi Teens,
I would like to share something about a holiday that many people celebrate. That holiday is called Halloween.  But did you know it is not something a Christian should be celebrating?  Read this short story to find out why.
Make it A Hallelujah Night
“Whatever you do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus." (Colossians 3:17)
Scripture Reading:
Isaiah 8:19-20; Leviticus 19:31 & 20:6
I remember going out on Halloween night trick or treating just like most kids in America.  However, my mother never let us celebrate Halloween, but instead we celebrated Harvest time.  
The original reason for Halloween (Samhain) meant summers end and it was a festival to gather food for the dead.   Those who didn`t give were cursed, and received a trick of destruction to their property.   Jack-o-lanterns were carved to ward off evil spirits and bring good luck.  It was a practice done to communicate to the dead with the use of witchcraft.
In this day and age, witchcraft is still alive and witches believe Halloween to be the most important spiritual day of the year, in which they can communicate with the dead.  This holiday in no way represents Christians and we should not celebrate it as the world does.
Christians can do many other things to celebrate the harvest time of year.
Alternative`s for Christians:
Have a party film night or a costume ball of Bible heroes, give prizes and serve harvest time food.  This October  31st, have a Hallelujah for Jesus night, and let the dead stay dead!
Remember to set your clock back one hour before you go to bed on daylight savings eve.
Wherever you go remember to be a
testimony and witness for Jesus.  Do all things for the glory of God.
Party Games
Christians can have fun and represent Jesus.  Miss Cher always shows the joy of being a Christian to her students with the creatively funny, homemade costumes she wears.
One year Miss Cher dressed as a bag of jellybeans!  
she gave out real jellybeans to staff members and students.
At the end of the day her students loved popping the balloons!
Two former students and Miss Cher went to a harvest party as beauty school students!  
Their curlers were made out of tissue paper rolls, foil, spray paint and then glued together!  Their dresses were large green
trash bags (Miss Cher's was white)!  Of course they were dressed underneath!  What fun!
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