"He is risen, for He is not here." Matthew 28:6a
Jesus went to pray in a garden.  He prayed to the Heavenly Father for the strength to do what He was sent to do here on Earth.  He had to die for our sins so we could one day go to Heaven.  It was time for Jesus to die on the cross.
The last time Jesus was with all the disciples He gave them communion.  Many call this the Last Supper.  Christian's call it the Lord's Table.  Jesus gave us the commandment to do this often until He comes for us. We do this so we
remember what Jesus did for us on the cross.
Before they ate, Jesus prayed and asked God to bless the bread and juice that they ate.  We are to pray before we eat.
The bread Jesus gave them would represent His body that would be put on the cross.  He broke the bread to show how His body would be broken for us.
This is a chalice.  It is a goblet or type of glass to serve beverages.  Jesus gave the disciples grape juice to drink.  The juice represented the new covenant and life we could have when we ask Jesus to save us from (take away) all our sins.
Juice that has gone bad is rotten and not good to drink.  The Bible tells us not to drink anything that is corrupt. Wine is juice that has gone bad, and it is corrupt.  Jesus never ate or drank anything that was rotten because it would be disobeying God's own Words.
Jesus would suffer much pain on the cross that day, but He did it for you and me.  When Jesus died He took away all our sins, sickness, diseases, poverty and sadness
The Lord Jesus was taken off of the cross and buried in a cave.  A large stone was put in front of the cave so no one could steal His body.
But a large stone could not keep Jesus from rising from the dead.
Three days later, Jesus rose from the dead.  He walked on the Earth and many saw He was alive, including Jesus' mother and disciples.  It was a miracle.
Jesus told everyone that saw Him, to tell
others about salvation, and to tell people
He was alive and not dead.
The people saw Jesus go up into Heaven. They began to tell others that Jesus loved them so much that He died and rose again so they could also live with Him one day in Heaven.
Jesus now lives in Heaven.  He has a crown and sits on a Royal Throne.  It won't be long before Jesus comes back to get us to live in Heaven with Him.  It will be wonderful to live with Him forever!  It is the most beautiful place in the world, and there is a very special place for you too!
We celebrate Easter and sometimes call it Resurrection Sunday, because Jesus is resurrected from the dead.  We have communion on the first Sunday of each month, but we also have it on Easter.  We do this to remember what Jesus did for us.
Jesus loves  you so much that He was willing to die for you and remove all your sins.  He wants you to be with Him in Heaven one day.  If you want to live with Jesus in Heaven one day, you have to ask Jesus into your heart so He will take away all your sin.  Sin is not allowed in Heaven, so you have to have it taken away.  Jesus loves you very much.  Ask Jesus into your heart today so He will
forgive you of all the sin in your life.  Tell Jesus you love
Him and are thankful He died for your sins on the cross, so
you wouldn't have to.  Pray to Jesus right now.