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I am the the city where God sent Jonah after he was "tossed" out of the whale's belly.
Where in the world am I?
Clue: look at Jonah chapter 3
Does it take longer to run from first base to second or from second base to third?
From second to third, because there's a short stop in the middle!
Q) In the 1972 World Series, which player hit homeruns in his first two
Q) What was so special about a man named Enoch?
Q) Jesus healed me of blindness.
    Who am I?
Clue: Look in Mark 10:46-52
Did you know the official, scientific name of the
Moon is, dah, the "Moon!"  That's right, and it is always to be capitalized, because it is a proper name.  Same goes for the Sun and the planet Earth.
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