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Answer me this...
You are shopping with your friends for Christmas gifts when you see one of your friends put a CD in their coat pocket.  
What would you do?  "Hey, I'm not the one taking it, so why should I do anything?"  Right or wrong.
E-mail us with your answer.
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Do you know Jesus?  You can by saying the
Prayer of Salvation.
We need your input.  What kinds of things pique(pronounced peak) your interest?  Do you have a question about the Bible, life in general or need an answer to a certain situation you happen to be going through right now?  E-mail the FZ with your question and we will answer it according to the Word of God.  Limit your questions to 50 words or less.
Questions, Questions, Questions
Pastors Jim & Cher's counseling training and membership is through American Association of Christian Counselors, and they are ordained by Pastor Rod Parsley through World Harvest Church Ministerial Fellowship in Ohio (aka Breakthrough Ministries).  Pastor Cher also holds a degree in education and teacher of the handicapped.
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