We seem to be in the midst of a "me" generation, and often get
caught up in things revolving around having our own way.  The Lord of God teaches that we are to prefer others and
give of ourselves as a reasonable service because of what Jesus did so we could obtain salvation.
God is looking for people who will step out from their own
selfishness and give of themselves in spreading the Good News of Christ Jesus.  In doing so, no longer do you consider  your own preferences, but you give away your time, your weekends, nights, and summer to help get the gospel message out to the lost.
Servanthood isn't a lost art.  Each week teens all over the world give their time  to God through various volunteer programs.  They are children with vision and will be blessed for their efforts.  People will receive Christ and benefit eternally because the message of salvation was able to be sent out through them.
The book of Proverbs teaches how children are known by their works or deeds.  If we are to be known by what we do, shouldn't we be remembered for the good we did for Christ Jesus in spreading the gospel message?  What will you be known for?  Make someone's day a blessed one...volunteer!
These teens serve God by serving others.
They volunteering their time each week in our outreach programs.
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