Praying for one another not only is Biblical, but it really does work.  The key is to line your prayer up with believers who will stand with you according to the Word of God, no matter what report they receive.  They receive healing because of their faith in God and His Word.  
Praise God with us as you read these testimonies of healing that have taken place. (Taken from letters & web mail.)
Whether you need a physical, spiritual, financial or emotional healing, God wants to help.
God loves  you!
Believe Him for your healing or whatever the problem is today.  
Pray with others according to the Word of God.  
Pray for others that YOU may receive your healing.
Pray for others that YOU may receive whatever it is you need.
Food Delivery
My father is very ill and I have to talk care of him.  We get $65.00 a month from social services for food.  It isn't enough.  But one day Pastor Jim delivered food to my house.  He didn't know I needed it, and I showed him my freezer was empty.  I told him no one had ever given us food.  Thank you SOFFY Ministries.
Ear Healed
Last week Miss Cher  prayed over my ear.  I had problems with my hearing and my ear was leaking fluid.  When Miss Cher touched my ear to pray over me it hurt and was feverish.  She said, "In the name of Jesus be healed."  By the time I left church, the fever was gone.  That following Saturday at the Baptism service my ear was already healed and I was able to be baptised.  I shared my testimony of how Jesus healed my ear  with everyone on Sunday.                                  Jeremiah age 7
Coming Home to Jesus
After church on Sunday Miss Cher asked me if I had accepted Jesus as my savior.  I said no.  Then she asked me if I would like to and I said yes.  I prayed the prayer of salvation with Pastor Jim and Miss Cher gave me a new Bible.  I'm looking foreward to going to the Revival Fire meetings.    
                  Samatha age 12
Teen Finds Peace
My mother died 2 years ago of cancer.  I had so many questions about if I would ever see her again.  Miss Cher explained that I would if I was saved.  I never heard about who Jesus was, but knew I was a sinner.  I prayed the prayer of salvation and asked Jesus to come into my heart.  I have peace knowing that I am going to be with Jesus one day, and see my mom again.              
Brandy age 13
A Child's Declaration
Sunday when I was in church 9 year old Crystal saw that I had a bandage on my finger.  She grabbed my hand and said, "What's this?"  I replied, "A cut."  She held the finger and declared, "In Jesus' name be healed!"  The cut was gone by Tuesday!  Miss Cher
Healed from Rash
Tuesday I requested prayer for a strange rash that had developed on my arm.  You prayed for me, and by Friday it was gone!  Thank you for your prayers.                  
Found Treasures
I had been so upset over some jewelry that I had lost.  Pastor Jim prayed that the treasures that are hidden in the darkness be revealed and that same day I found my jewelry that was missing for five years!  It was the best birthday!  Thank you Lord for prayer partners.  
Ministry Materials are a Blessing
Hi you two happy people!  What a wonderful blessing that has put you in our lives.  Thank you kindly for the flowers and ministry tapes.  I also want to thank you for your prayers for me, I greatly appreciate it and very much know that God is with me.  I can't wait for His time to come!                      Dot
Visitation Blessings
Thank you for coming to minister to us in communion and in the Word.  I look foreword to each time you come to the nursing home and sharing my testimony of how God is continuing to heal me.   Since you last came and prayed with me, the use of my right hand has come back and the swelling
has gone.  God is good and I love Him so much.  To Him be the
glory.                                                             Lillian (age 96)
In January I asked Jesus into my heart, but I didn't fully understand what it meant.  This Sunday I went forward. Pastor Jim guided me in the Word of how I can have the assurance of my salvation.  Now I am sure of who I am in Christ.    
  Mike age 14
A New Name
I heard Miss Cher talking about the Lamb's Book of Life and told her,  "My name isn't in that book.  I want it to be."  We prayed together and now I am saved and my name IS in that book!   Jeremiah age 6
I Knew About Jesus
For several months I had heard Pastor Jim preaching about a relationship with Jesus.  I knew about Jesus, but this Sunday I finally gave my life to the Lord and asked Jesus to come into my heart.  Now I know about Jesus and I know Him as my Savior!                                                                       Bob
Another Child Comes Home
I went to the nursing home with our church visit.  Pastor Jim led us in a prayer of salvation and I asked Jesus into my heart.                                                                Mike
Promotion Comes from God
I needed an increase in pay to support my family.  I prayed about it and boldly went into the office at work and asked my boss for more money.  Praise God I received it and am training for a better job.           Robert
Prayer in  Agreement Works...
Since the time we prayed together in October, my mother-in-law has been brought home from the nursing home and spent Christmas at home! She is doing good.
Pastor Coleman
Heart Attack Disappears!
God is a good God!  Praise God!  Things were a little rough going and I was taken to the hospital.  The doctors said that I was having a heart attack, I refused to listen to the report and believed God for my healing.  That night I walked out of the hospital.
I knew that SOFWC stood in prayer for me concerning my healing and I had to testify. The next day I was able to go to church and tell how good a God we have!  I was healed glory to God!                                             Sister Betty NJ
Let the Children "Come unto Me"
We prayed together that God would heal my cut finger and He did.
Jeremiah (age 6)
Passing the Test of Faith
The devil was trying to prevent me from taking my semester finals for college.  I knew that you were praying for me concerning my classes.  I believed God for my healing and didn't miss any of my exams.  God heals when we pray and believe His Word.
He also answers the prayers of others and I did excellent on the exams and overall in the classes.             Georgia
Husband Gets Saved
I want to thank you for praying with my family concerning my mother's healing and heart condition.  Through all this and our standing in faith for her healing, my husband has received Christ.                                                  Jean
Believing with me
I want to thank Pastors Jim & Cher for being there for my family in a time of need, and being our family.       Steven
New Born at 79
Pastors Jim and Cher come to the nursing home where I now live every month.  I had come to their services for a few months, but this time I received Jesus as my savior.  Glory to God today I am a 79 year old baby in the Lord!  
A Colorful Impression
I like your web site.  It is very colorful and fun.  I like the dogs.                                                           Allegra age 10
Message from Afar
GOD BLESS YOU !!!  I enjoyed and was blessed by your message that I received from a friend.  This is one of the best mails that I  have ever received!  Send more please! Kentucky From "Faith Based on Love"
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