"And all thy children shall be taught of the LORD; and great shall be the peace of thy
children." Isaiah 54:13
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Topic: Fellowship
Friday Night Party
by Cher Wandell
It was another Friday night, and I had no money to go anywhere.  I really didn't have a particular place I wanted to go, but to I wanted escape my thoughts.
God had been dealing with me in so many ways.  I was up all night in prayer and seeking God for answers and direction in my life.  I had heard some awesome things from God in my spirit that would give me hope to what I believed was from the Lord.
"Your Word is like a lamp for my feet (to give me direction) and a light
to my path (to show revelation to me).  I will do what I have
promised and obey Your fair laws.  I have suffered for a long time.  
LORD, accept my willing praise and teach me Your laws.  I will
follow Your rules forever, because they make me happy.  I will try
to do what You demand forever, until the end.  Support me as You promised so I can live.  Don't let me be embarrassed because of my hopes."  (Psalm 119:105-108, 111, 12116 NCVYB)
My belief in God was so powerful, and I knew I had been called.  No one I knew believed in God the way I did, so I had no one to talk to about how I was feeling.  I was in a praise and party mood, but there was no one to party with on this Friday night.  
I looked for ways to praise in the silence of day.  Did I hear from God, or was it all in my head?  I asked God that there be a witness to what He had spoken to me in the wee hours of the morning.  The Word of God says we are to have two or more witnesses that line up with His Word to know whether something is from God or the devil.
It was almost 8:00 pm and I still hadn't heard from God.  I looked around the neighboring areas to see if there was anything that might give me an answer, but there were no people in the streets to praise God with; there wasn't anyone I could call from my church to praise God with for they didn't believe in God the way I did.   Sadly I couldn't find anyone in my "Christian" family to praise God with on this powerful Friday night, because my father told me they didn't believe in what I was doing with my life.  
Still wondering if what I heard was a real Word from God, I turned on the television.  I came across a program that was in the middle of fundraising, when I heard this petite women speak what God had spoken to me that same day.  This is part of what I heard.
"It's time... this is your season...
God is about to close some doors
so that the breakthrough you've been waiting for came happen.  
Here it comes, here it comes!"
I watched and listened to her for almost 3 hours.  At the end of her message there was a woman who began to sing.  In the song that she sang, there was another witness of what God had told me and I knew that the second witness was that of God.
I couldn't find anyone to share my praise with during the day, but that night I was able to go to the most wonderful, tear jerking, shouting, jumping, power praise party you could imagine.  
The people didn't come, but Hallelujah, God still gave me the witness I needed that verified my calling from Him.  He directed me and lead me to where I needed to be because I spent time with Him in prayer and fellowship.  I took time to R.A.P. with Jesus.  Take time each day to R.A.P. with God, and He will show up for a praise party in your house.  He did that night for me!  Hey, God is always in a party mood!
Pastors Jim & Cher's counseling training and membership is through American Association of Christian Counselors, and they are ordained by Pastor Rod Parsley through World Harvest Church Ministerial Fellowship in Ohio (aka Breakthrough Ministries).  Pastor Cher also holds a degree in education and a special needs degree.
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