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New Revival Fire Audio Series
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Revival Fire 2003 Series: In His Presence
6/$36.00 audio tapes                  
In these dynamic teachings, learn how God's Word proclaims that as His children, we have the power of God in us, when we seek His face and abide, "In His Presence."
Preparing for the Presence of the Lord: Pastor Jim Wandell
Dwelling in His Presence: Pastor Jim Wandell
The Holy Spirit in Praise: Rev. Cher Wandell
There is Glory in His Presence: Minister Sandy Callahan
There is Power in His Presence: Dr. Pamela Washington
Anointed Healing in His Presence: Rev. Cher Wandell
Audio Series by Jim Wandell
Prosperity God's Way: The Harvest Is in the Seed
4/$24.00 audio tapes                   Pastor Jim Wandell
What is due season?
Why don't I always reap a harvest?
After my seed is sown, what should I do?
Should I teach my children about tithing?
What is the "handwriting of ordinances?"
How to recognize the thieves that steal your harvest.
Sowing, tending and reaping an abundant harvest are part of the powerful lessons in this teaching.
Learn to walk in the truth and abundance  of God's Law of  "give and it shall be given!"
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Prosperity God's Way: The Key to Abundance
4/$24.00 audio tapes                   Pastor Jim Wandell
Is it God's will for His people to be prosperous? Is the tithe a suggestion or a command? Is it still for today?  What is the key to abundance? Is prosperity only about money?
In these life-changing teachings you will discover how to walk in God's abundance in every area of your life.
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Revelation: The End Times
                            History Written in Advance
16/$96.00 audio tapes                 Pastor Jim Wandell
Complete Bible study series in Revelation
Chapter by chapter teaching includes: What is the future of the church?  How much time is there really? How close are we to the coming of the Lord? Will you know what to do when the end does come? Should we live in fear?
This exciting new series will answer your questions and give you an insight to the coming events in time.
Audio Series by Cher Wandell
The Power of Praise
2/$12.00 audio tapes                 Pastor Cher Wandell
 "Let everything that has breath, and every breath of life praise the LORD!" Psalm 150:6 (Amp.)
This uplifting, exciting and motivational teaching will forever change the way you praise the Lord.  
Pastor Cher teaches why we need to praise so that the commanded blessings of the Lord are manifested, by living a life of continual praise.  Learn how to receive that blessing through the Power of Praise.
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The Shepherd's Promise (Psalm 23)
2/$12.00 audio tapes                 Pastor Cher Wandell
A Literal teaching from the Hebrew translation.  Pastor Cher gives insight to the full meaning of this passage as the Lord, Jehovah intended it for His precious flock.
Learn how the shepherd from this psalm is a parallel of who and what Christ is to the believer.  
You'll never think the same way about this psalm after listening to this teaching.
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