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Single Tapes
Bible Studies
Album Series
Pastor Jim Wandell        
4 tape series                 $24.00
Prosperity God's Way:
     The Key to Abundance
Pastor Jim Wandell        
4 tape series                 $24.00
Prosperity God's Way:
     The Harvest Is in the Seed
Pastor Cher  Wandell
2 tape series                 $12.00
The Power of Praise
Pastor Cher  Wandell
2 tape series                 $12.00
The Shepherd's Promise:
Psalm 23
(A literal teaching from the
Hebrew translation.)
Special Series 2002
Revival Fire Campmeetings
Pastors Jim & Cher Wandell with guest speakers
6 tape series                 $36.00
Series includes: Pentecost, Falling Away of the Church, Israel & the USA, Testimonies, Healing Service and more...LIVE RECORDING
Single Tapes
by Pastors Jim & Cher
The Words We Speak
Who Is Your Source?
Joy That Produces Strength
Time to Take Charge    
Getting Rid of Fear & Worry
America: A Call to Righteousness (*Best 2002)
Skinny Spirits
The Blessings of Obedience
God's Transfer of Wealth
Operating in Love
The Battle of Wills
Maintain the Flame
Your Final Destination
Pack Mule Christian
Therefore No Condemnation
Opportunity to Increase
The Depth of Our Trust
Women of the Word (CW)
How to Welcome the Holy Spirit (CW)
Vine of Hearts (*2002 Best)
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Single Tapes $6.00 each
Buy 3 tapes get the 4th FREE!
Best New
First Time on tape!
Bible Series!
Bible Study Series on Cassette
Pastor Jim Wandell  
16 tape series                                                    $96.00          
         Revelation: The End Times
         "History Written in Advance"
In this BRAND NEW sixteen tape teaching, Pastor Jim gives chapter by chapter teachings in the book of Revelation, which line up with past events and those still to come!  
Prophecy Revealed!
Order this series and receive a 15% discount
on your total order!
My Study Notebook
$9.00 each
Blank sermon pages, 5x7 spiral notebook that fits in your Bible cover.
Books by Pastor Cher
Your Perceptual Problem
Ready to Forgive & Willing to Forget
Books $6.00 each
S & H =  8%
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