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Wise Old Bird
Stupid Shows Itself Every Time
Topic: Wisdom
Wise Old Bird
by Cher Wandell
I remember hearing the statement, "He's a wise old bird", when I was growing up.  It meant that person had a lot of knowledge and information to share with others.  But I also remember listening to some "wise old birds" (as they were affectionately called) and they weren't so wise after all.  Most of their information wasn't backed by facts, but was their own opinion, which they formed from information they had heard or read.  I soon learned that I needed to become a good listener and sort out the fact from what was mostly fiction.
The Bible tells us not to listen to just anything that comes our way.  We are to sort out the things that are truth, and the only way to do that is by calling on the Spirit of Truth (God's Holy Spirit).  The Holy Spirit teaches us to weed out the junk and don't give it any place or consideration.
We can become wise if we ask God for wisdom like James 1:5 says.  We can know when someone isn't wise, but full of false facts and information.
"If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask of God, who
gives to all liberally (generously) without reproach,
and it will be given to him." (James 1:5)
Who says you have to be old to be wise? God says that anyone can be wise if we use His Word as a guideline.  Ask God to help you become a "wise young bird", then as you grow up, you'll become still wiser.  (CW)
"Give instruction to a wise man, and he will be still wiser."
Proverbs 9:10a)
Topic: Wisdom
  Stupid Shows Itself Every Time
by Cher Wandell
“Whoever loves instruction, loves knowledge,
but he who hates correction is stupid.” (Proverbs 12:1)
There are some strange things I have seen in this world that in my opinion are “pure stupid.” For example, jumping out of a perfectly good plane just for fun is stupid to me.  Throwing yourself off a bridge, upside down, just to see how close you can come to the ground or water without touching it head first is basically stupid to me.  Thrusting a hand in a fire for a thrill is also somewhat dumb to me.  Rolling poison and pesticide in a thin piece of paper and setting fire to it then sticking it in my mouth is really stupid, once again, this is only my opinion.  I did my share of “stupid” in my life, and one day I`ll share some of it with you, thankfully those days came and went.  But there are people that love the thrill of it all no matter the risk, and they think what I do for fun is stupid.  Whatever…
WAIT…I`d like to share some things with you that I`ve never shared before.  Don`t take it the wrong way, take instruction from it because I do care about you…
I remember teaching my high school classes about the effects of smoking.  We researched all the evidence, watched movies about how cancer destroys the body and had smoke outs.  But even with the horrifying pictures of holes in the mouth and throat, some of them still didn`t quit smoking.  The knowing about the rat poison and arsenic in the cigarettes didn`t even stop them, because they believed they had a long life ahead of them.  There were others who stopped smoking certain brands and began smoking cigars, but they still had to smoke.  They said it was a habit.  Give me a break, smoking for a few months isn`t a habit.  Smoking 30 years is a habit that is hard to overcome without God.  They smoked because of emotion issues that if not dealt with, would turn into bigger problems then smoking.
Many of these kids weren`t willing to be taught or corrected, and the effects of not listening began effecting their health within a few years.  Their resistance was lowered and they would get sick more often, which while in school they didn`t care about, but now it effected their jobs and missing work meant less cash.  Stupid began to show itself; not because they smoked, but because they didn`t gain knowledge from the instruction they were given.
I come from a long line of smokers and have seen the results of what can happen.   When we were kids my brothers and sisters and I found out that my Dad smoked.  He never smoked in the house or in front of us.  We learned about the things smoking could do to a person and became really upset.  Some of us found my Dad`s cigarettes; we took and crushed them.  When my Dad found out about what we did, he was really mad and spoke out about it in a way we had never heard him speak before.  It scared us so much that we never touched his cigarettes again, and never said anything to him anymore.
Today my father has asthma and emphysema, yet continued to smoke even after he was treated for throat cancer.  Now he is living the awful effects of not listening to what he was told by the doctors.
Pastor Jim`s father died a horrible death from emphysema.  The doctor told him that if he didn`t quit smoking he would die.  He quit cold turkey the day the doctor told him that information, but it was too late, and Pastor Jim grew up without a father because early correction was not taken as a gift of life.
When someone corrects you from doing things that could harm you, that is a gift of love.  God`s Word tells us that a person who doesn`t want to be instructed or corrected is down right stupid.  Training and instruction helps us to gain knowledge in understanding life.  If you don`t want to understand how to make it in life, you`re considered stupid in God`s eyes.  God`s way of correcting us through His Word shows us that He really loves us enough to help us get ahead.  He shows us that there are people and things out there in the world that try to kill you, and He isn`t a part of that.  Learning to take correction will help us lead long, happy and healthy lives.  God has given us ways to succeed and correction in doing things is one way He does it. (cw)
Pastors Jim & Cher's counseling training and membership is through American Association of Christian Counselors, and they are ordained by Pastor Rod Parsley through World Harvest Church Ministerial Fellowship in Ohio (aka Breakthrough Ministries).  Pastor Cher also holds a degree in education and teacher of the handicapped.
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