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Topic: Faith
Left Speechless
by Cher Wandell
Scripture Reading: Luke 1
Do you remember the story of Zacharias?  His wife Elizabeth was
carrying a son the Lord said would be named John, but Zacharias
didn`t like the choice of names.  To prevent him from interfering with
the plan of the Lord, God closed Zacharias` mouth so he couldn`t
speak.  His voice returned when he lined up his words with God`s plan.
We should thank God that He hasn't done that with some of us.  I wonder if He ever felt like it?
Take time to seek God and His plans for your life.  Re-evaluate what you are spending time on and begin to ask God what you should be spending more time on each day.  If you feel yourself disagreeing with what the Lord is telling you, close your mouth and let God do the talking.  Until you have the answers you asked for, open your mouth with praise to Him.  Before long, your words will line up with His plans and glad tiding will come!
Pastors Jim & Cher's counseling training and membership is through American Association of Christian Counselors, and they are ordained by Pastor Rod Parsley through World Harvest Church Ministerial Fellowship in Ohio (aka Breakthrough Ministries).  Pastor Cher also holds a degree in education and a special needs degree.
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